Facebook is tanking. PayPal is tanking. Parler switched hands and it is up in the air what will happen there. What if Elon, or whomever he represents, snatches up all these Big Names along with others and no one can compete anymore. Amazon and Walmart have supply problems. Small businesses are gone. Will everything go under ONE UMBRELLA? Sort of like what the NWO aspires to accomplish? One Currency, One Religion, One Government. Social Sites will be non existent for THE PEOPLE. Are they Maneuvering as we speak. They already tested Starlink in the Fake War scenario in Ukraine. Starlink is providing service for internet. Didn’t Musk attend the Met Gala? Isn’t that known for Satanic Rituals? Can someone just tell THE PEOPLE ” take the shot” and they DO??? Can someone come along and say I will save you and they just BELIEVE THEM? Will you give me all your money and belongings? Trust me. Here is some cyanide, don’t worry I fixed it so it will not poison you. Would you say “OKAY?” Look at the BIG PICTURE. They figured they got you with the Fake Vaccines so you will fall for the Musk will save the world. Don’t let strangers into your house. If The people are going to Represent GOD in this War, they should be SMART! THINK LIKE YOUR ENEMY! Landmines are EVERYWHERE! The Time Is Now News

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