THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have nothing to lose. Their illusions are GONE. Their Government has shown their true colors and the Distractions are not working anymore. The Government is not REAL. It is a Construct of Self Appointed People within Big Buildings that strut around like their shit doesn’t stink. They are transvestites MANY OF THEM and they do not allow THE PEOPLE to elect anybody. They control it all. They are inbred, also many of them and are useless without their FAKE MONEY SYSTEM! THE PEOPLE CAN HAVE WHATEVER THEY WANT. THESE GOVERNMENT AUTHORITATIVE PIECES OF SHIT are Made up in their own heads and projected upon THE PEOPLE as if they are really ” IN CHARGE.” THEY ARE NOT. WAKE the fuck up!!!!!!!!! They hold no Authority over anyone!!! They just ” SAY” they do. BE FREE!!!!!!!!! Take back the farms and the oil. It all belongs to THE PEOPLE!!!! Do money transactions with whatever you WANT! Paper, gold, silver, Commodities!!!!! THE PEOPLE’S BANKS WILL LEND MONEY BUT NOT ROB EVERY LAST PENNY OF THE PEOPLE’S CURRENCY! START YOUR OWN BANKS! NOW!!! Don’t listen to a fucking thing they say. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN LIFE!!!!!!!!!! THROW OUT EVERY fucking fake vaccine!!!!!!!!! Don’t let LOSERS KILL YOU or tell you what to do!!!!!! STAND UP! You don’t have to protest. Take what is yours, no more interest rates, shortages, Medical tyranny. Take charge of your life!!!!!!!!!! Throw them all to the curb. When you are ready, ARREST THEM!!!!!!!!!!! GO FORTH AND BE THE STRONG, SMART, CAPABLE PEOPLE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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