We must have Great Discernment right now. There are many, many, many narratives being presented as TRUTH. We KNOW one thing to be True. GOD. We were created in his image. We are not “BEINGS” of light and frequencies.We are not meant to be trans-human. The NWO BREAKS things. They try so hard to screw up God’s work. God gave us the resources to live. The Water, The Earth, Seeds, natural sources of fuel, building materials. The NWO wants to UNDO everything we have at our fingertips to Live. They HATE GOD! They think they know Better than God. They are Murderers. They have NO CONSCIENCE. God’s people have a Conscience. Pray to God and the Mother Mary. Do not listen to them. GOOD IS MORE POWERFUL THAN EVIL! They will try and pretend they are with GOD, BUT MOST ARE NOT!!! THEY WANT TO WIN YOU OVER!!!! But guess who REALLY WINS THIS? That is why they fight so hard. They know it is a losing battle. PRAY TO GOD.

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