AMERICA has been targeted. Oh sure they are taking down Canada, Australia, England, all the Five Eyes BUT AMERICA is in the crosshairs. Americans are the Wild Card. They are a Blend of all Genetics, all Temperaments, all Ancestries. Only the Resilient made it to America’s shores. The Hearty ones. This cuts across all races. The weak died off in the crossing to America’s shores or soon after they got to the New Country. Only the Strong survived the new climate, the new food and the new terrain. THIS IS WHY THEY WANT TO KILL OFF AMERICANS!!! America is a THREAT to the Lilly livered cowards called the NWO. They represent what THEY can NEVER BE. They are PUPPETS to earlier Lilly livered cowards. THEIR ancestry is one of faggotry and hiding behind mommy’s skirts. They think money protects them from punches in the nose. They CANNOT FIGHT so they hide behind desks. Americans cannot change who they are. These Satanists are in trouble because now they are known. God is more powerful than these sneaky Child abusers. How long will Americans be told PERVERTS can have the children? When do the guns come out and peckers are blown off of the trannies? There is no Law and Order so the jails will be busted soon. The DC GULAG will be INVADED! The police are told to stand down so Americans have an open path to the Faggots. Cameras can be broken. Americans can change the genders of the perverts without the help of hospitals. They want to be its, they can be its. The dark of night holds many opportunities. Their bloodlines need to be ended. They cannot think straight because of inbreeding. Go Forth and cleanse the earth. THE TIME IS NOW!

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