GO to the Holocaust Museum and see what they have planned for you. You will never be the same. It isn’t the Jewish people who are killing you. It is the people with HATE in their Hearts who want someone to kill and blame others. Monsters who made MONEY off a FAKE VACCINE to maim and kill you. Jewish people are suffering from this too!!!!!!!!! The Royals are Nazis. Money is their GOD!!!! Put the Blame where it belongs!!!!!!!!! Who is behind ALL THE VACCINES??????????? Who has programs to conduct Genocide. Who has studied Eugenics for Decades, Centuries? Who came to America after the Wars and started nazi youth camps? They were shut down (hopefully). They hate children. They hate others so much they marry family members. They started programs, MK ULTRA, and studied ABUSE on them. Now we have Trafficking and Satanical Ritual Abuse EVERYWHERE! Get the ones behind all this. KNOW HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!! The flesh and blood monsters are to blame. They pull the strings. Your not fighting a NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA, YOUR FIGHTING BAD PEOPLE! UNTIL THOSE PEOPLE ARE GONE THE WORLD IS NOT SAFE!!!!!!!!!!

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