When TWO Sides of the same coin are flipped in Today’s Society what the rule is Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, everybody wins, everybody loses. There is no Truth being put out there. When everything everybody believes is FAKE, The Enemy, NWO wins. I believe Kissinger said that. So What the PEOPLE can do is not to come to ANY CONCLUSIONS from ANY MEDIA STORIES- BOTH SIDES. See for yourself what is Going on. Homelessness. Food insecurity. Inflation rapidly growing. Inconsistent Shit coming from the mouths of Morons in Politics, Economics, Tech and Banking. Anything from 3 letter agencies is Bullshit. DO YOU SEE???????? What you see for Yourself is the REAL DEAL. CRIME is taking over. No Constitution anymore. We are a Communist Marxist Country now. It already Happened. Trump isn’t coming back. By 2024 it won’t matter who is President because the World Government won’t allow Countries to have Presidents. THEY WILL BE THE PRESIDENTS! DO YOU GET IT?? Most of the Congress is gone. They have no jobs left to do. DC is empty. DO YOU SEE IT NOW???? You thought you could do nothing and now you shall have nothing. CAN YOU SEE IT??????? If you don’t wake up now there will be nothing to wake up to. It is slipping away. You had guns for no reason. You had free speech for no reason. You never dealt with TYRANNY head on and now you will lose everything.

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