Trump seems to be aligning with Q. And the Media mentions child Trafficking when they talk about Q. So they are not keen on this coming out BUT IT IS ALREADY OUT AND HAS SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE! THE WORLD IS INFORMED OF THE PEDOPHILES!!! The NEW WORLD ORDER will be hard put to take over now because everyone knows what they do. What is done in the dark is being Revealed. The Light shall shine down on all the Satanists. It is happening now. Celebrities, Royalty, Politicians, Sport figures, the Media, Artists, CEOS, BIG CORPORATIONS, STATE OFFICIALS, PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITIES, SCHOOL BOARDS, HOSPITALS, DOCTORS, TEACHERS, NURSES CHILD ” PROTECTIVE” SERVICES, FOSTER CARE, RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE, THE RED CROSS, TECH Companies, BIG STORES, Service Providers, Internet Search Engines, THEY ALL WORKED IN TANDEM TO KEEP THE CHILD SATANIC ABUSE GOING. NO ONE can Save Them. Billions of People Know. They will tear them apart limb from limb. How much longer can late night Comedy Shows keep going. They are all Pedophiles. Everything on the Television has Pedophiles. Everything on the News has Pedophiles. They have operated under the people’s noses. The Fake President is a PEDOPHILE. HOW MUCH LONGER DO THEY HAVE???? Will people be told what to do by Criminals????? NO, THEY WILL NOT. Bill Gates is a Pedophile. Klaus????? Fauci??????? MACRON?, JACINDA? Russia’s internet is FULL OF CHILD PORN! Putin LIES. China LIES. THEY are LIARS! Of course they are. They can only rise into positions of Money and Power if they are a PEDOPHILE and SATANIST!!! THAT IS THE ONLY WAY!!!!!

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