TRUMP had his chance. JUST LIKE THE OTHERS He lied about the big things. Locking her up. Child Traffickers. The SWAMP. LIES! Oh sure he did somethings that were gonna be EASY to UNDO. Fuel can go up or go down at anytime. He talked big about NATO but never cut the cord. He left people in Afghanistan. He never REALLY brought back manufacturing. He kept the debt and got it higher. He signed OMNIBUS bills. He pushed the untested FAKE VACCINE on the people. He put FAUCI in charge and scarf lady. He had Bill Gates to the White House several times. He worked with The NEW WORLD ORDER to allow them FOUR YEARS to ruin America. BLM burning our cities. A Border wall that couldn’t get off the ground. Cages for Kids, just like Obama. So what diversion is this about running in 2024? The Presidential office no longer exists. Look at Biden. The NWO runs things. Soon you will know.

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