PRESIDENT TRUMP’S FULL INTERVIEW ON NEWSMAX (9.20.22) Did we really know just how bad the Raid on MaraLargo was? We don’t hear ANYTHING except Trump Bashing. NO REAL NEWS. No Facts. Everything has to have a slant, it can never be Factual and Truthful so that People can see clearly what has happened in a News Story. The NEWS has slid so far SIDEWAYS that it is more like reading or watching Fiction. I think They have Screenwriters that produce the Fake News. And they all get the same news. So what chance do The People have of knowing what is ACTUALLY going on in their world? Censorship should be Punishable by up to 25 years in Prison because Free Speech is the 1st amendment in the Bill Of Rights! That was how important the Founding Fathers found it to be. THE TIME IS NOW to RISE UP and demand our Constitution be Followed!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News click on to see video..

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