Let me tell you what the problem we have is. There is NO GAIN OF FUNCTION INVOLVED WITH THE FAKE COVID 19, BECAUSE COVID DOES NOT EXIST! How can they pin this on animal to human experiments if there is no Virus? WHERE IS THE VIRUS???????????? IT ISN’T THERE!!! THEREFORE as long as they go this route NOTHING can come of it. They must keep the gain of function balls in the air, FOREVER! The plain truth of it is there is and never was a Covid VIRUS. Perhaps people were sick from breathing in toxic waste from MASKS! The anxiety weakened their ability to fight diseases that cropped up in their bodies. This made way for pneumonia, flu symptoms and they would not let people get medicines to help them. Thus we have FAKE COVID DEATHS. Every other disease dropped off the face of the earth when the FAKE PANDEMIC APPEARED. SO EVERY DEATH was a COVID DEATH. Then the fake poison Vaccines came out and they are KILLING PEOPLE and they are still trying to say it is the Fake Covid!!! NO ONE CAN PROVE THE COVID 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is NOT IN EXISTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP WORLD!!!!!!!!!! They would NEVER put a KILLER VIRUS IN THE AIR! They breathe the same air we do!!!!!!!!!!! It is all Tomfoolery! And they are now complicit in MURDER and Maiming innocent people and children!!!!!!!!!! Go to a Court and try and show the evidence of a Covid 19 Virus. YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!! They have hoodwinked EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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