I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT America no longer has a Constitution. It’s gone. You don’t think they were going to have an announcement that they were ripping it up on such and such a day. No they have torched it incrementally, little by little. They pretend by bringing it up sometimes that it still exists but it doesn’t. Congress are Communists CARD CARRYING traitors and have been for years. There is a Communist Manifesto that they all sign when they are elected. People are fools. It is all an Act. Theatrics. Until it is official that Digital money controls Americans they will keep up the acting. This is their REAL JOB. The fake death of the Queen, she died already, was timed for right now for a reason. Be Ready. I told you already that Trump, Alex Jones, they all will be Sovereign and still control their money with no rules attached.They are getting REWARDED for stabbing you in the back. But YOU will be Commoners and have no control over ANYTHING! It is already done. You chose to do nothing even when you were told what was happening. Pretty Pathetic. All the ALTERNATE fake people and mainstream news threw you under the bus. They signed contracts with the NWO. Soon you will know. The Internet is the Body of Things, THEIR THINGS. All the alternate news will go away. They are already pulling back on it. Soon it will be NWO news, like 1984. You didn’t want to act. Your voice means nothing to them. Protests mean nothing. They know you have no Confidence. No Bravery. You needed to act. But you did not.

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