If someone like Trump knew but pretended he didn’t care what they did, perhaps he could take them down. He would be positioned to be privy to lots of things. Wouldn’t that be something! OR he could be in on it with them. Nobody knows. But The WORLD PEOPLE’S EYES have been opened and that means something is coming. And it will not be what the Criminals thought would be coming. THEIR FATE IS IN GOD’S HANDS.

Trump seems to be aligning with Q. And the Media mentions child Trafficking when they talk about Q. So they are not keen on this coming out BUT IT IS ALREADY OUT AND HAS SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE! THE WORLD IS INFORMED OF THE PEDOPHILES!!! The NEW WORLD ORDER will be hard put to take over now because everyone knows what they do. What is done in the dark is being Revealed. The Light shall shine down on all the Satanists. It is happening now. Celebrities, Royalty, Politicians, Sport figures, the Media, Artists, CEOS, BIG CORPORATIONS, STATE OFFICIALS, PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITIES, SCHOOL BOARDS, HOSPITALS, DOCTORS, TEACHERS, NURSES CHILD ” PROTECTIVE” SERVICES, FOSTER CARE, RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE, THE RED CROSS, TECH Companies, BIG STORES, Service Providers, Internet Search Engines, THEY ALL WORKED IN TANDEM TO KEEP THE CHILD SATANIC ABUSE GOING. NO ONE can Save Them. Billions of People Know. They will tear them apart limb from limb. How much longer can late night Comedy Shows keep going. They are all Pedophiles. Everything on the Television has Pedophiles. Everything on the News has Pedophiles. They have operated under the people’s noses. The Fake President is a PEDOPHILE. HOW MUCH LONGER DO THEY HAVE???? Will people be told what to do by Criminals????? NO, THEY WILL NOT. Bill Gates is a Pedophile. Klaus????? Fauci??????? MACRON?, JACINDA? Russia’s internet is FULL OF CHILD PORN! Putin LIES. China LIES. THEY are LIARS! Of course they are. They can only rise into positions of Money and Power if they are a PEDOPHILE and SATANIST!!! THAT IS THE ONLY WAY!!!!!

Let me tell you what the problem we have is. There is NO GAIN OF FUNCTION INVOLVED WITH THE FAKE COVID 19, BECAUSE COVID DOES NOT EXIST! How can they pin this on animal to human experiments if there is no Virus? WHERE IS THE VIRUS???????????? IT ISN’T THERE!!! THEREFORE as long as they go this route NOTHING can come of it. They must keep the gain of function balls in the air, FOREVER! The plain truth of it is there is and never was a Covid VIRUS. Perhaps people were sick from breathing in toxic waste from MASKS! The anxiety weakened their ability to fight diseases that cropped up in their bodies. This made way for pneumonia, flu symptoms and they would not let people get medicines to help them. Thus we have FAKE COVID DEATHS. Every other disease dropped off the face of the earth when the FAKE PANDEMIC APPEARED. SO EVERY DEATH was a COVID DEATH. Then the fake poison Vaccines came out and they are KILLING PEOPLE and they are still trying to say it is the Fake Covid!!! NO ONE CAN PROVE THE COVID 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is NOT IN EXISTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP WORLD!!!!!!!!!! They would NEVER put a KILLER VIRUS IN THE AIR! They breathe the same air we do!!!!!!!!!!! It is all Tomfoolery! And they are now complicit in MURDER and Maiming innocent people and children!!!!!!!!!! Go to a Court and try and show the evidence of a Covid 19 Virus. YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!! They have hoodwinked EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

THIS IS WHAT A BILLIONAIRE’S LIFE IS LIKE IN DUBAI. NOTICE Trump is buddies with them. I wonder Is Timothy Holmseth running interference for their activities? WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE DO??????? THEY SAY TRAFFICKING surpasses ANY money making enterprise in the world. Is this why Epstein got out of it and no one has been arrested? TRUMP? Explain yourself. Your name is quietly omitted and photos are rare. You people will NOT go to Heaven with all your fucking money. You can’t get in!!!!!!!! And you know it. But it is more important to you to have money NOW!!!!!!!! You cannot be a Christian and live like this. GOD has his eye on you people. click on to see video…

TRUMP had his chance. JUST LIKE THE OTHERS He lied about the big things. Locking her up. Child Traffickers. The SWAMP. LIES! Oh sure he did somethings that were gonna be EASY to UNDO. Fuel can go up or go down at anytime. He talked big about NATO but never cut the cord. He left people in Afghanistan. He never REALLY brought back manufacturing. He kept the debt and got it higher. He signed OMNIBUS bills. He pushed the untested FAKE VACCINE on the people. He put FAUCI in charge and scarf lady. He had Bill Gates to the White House several times. He worked with The NEW WORLD ORDER to allow them FOUR YEARS to ruin America. BLM burning our cities. A Border wall that couldn’t get off the ground. Cages for Kids, just like Obama. So what diversion is this about running in 2024? The Presidential office no longer exists. Look at Biden. The NWO runs things. Soon you will know.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT America no longer has a Constitution. It’s gone. You don’t think they were going to have an announcement that they were ripping it up on such and such a day. No they have torched it incrementally, little by little. They pretend by bringing it up sometimes that it still exists but it doesn’t. Congress are Communists CARD CARRYING traitors and have been for years. There is a Communist Manifesto that they all sign when they are elected. People are fools. It is all an Act. Theatrics. Until it is official that Digital money controls Americans they will keep up the acting. This is their REAL JOB. The fake death of the Queen, she died already, was timed for right now for a reason. Be Ready. I told you already that Trump, Alex Jones, they all will be Sovereign and still control their money with no rules attached.They are getting REWARDED for stabbing you in the back. But YOU will be Commoners and have no control over ANYTHING! It is already done. You chose to do nothing even when you were told what was happening. Pretty Pathetic. All the ALTERNATE fake people and mainstream news threw you under the bus. They signed contracts with the NWO. Soon you will know. The Internet is the Body of Things, THEIR THINGS. All the alternate news will go away. They are already pulling back on it. Soon it will be NWO news, like 1984. You didn’t want to act. Your voice means nothing to them. Protests mean nothing. They know you have no Confidence. No Bravery. You needed to act. But you did not.

When TWO Sides of the same coin are flipped in Today’s Society what the rule is Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, everybody wins, everybody loses. There is no Truth being put out there. When everything everybody believes is FAKE, The Enemy, NWO wins. I believe Kissinger said that. So What the PEOPLE can do is not to come to ANY CONCLUSIONS from ANY MEDIA STORIES- BOTH SIDES. See for yourself what is Going on. Homelessness. Food insecurity. Inflation rapidly growing. Inconsistent Shit coming from the mouths of Morons in Politics, Economics, Tech and Banking. Anything from 3 letter agencies is Bullshit. DO YOU SEE???????? What you see for Yourself is the REAL DEAL. CRIME is taking over. No Constitution anymore. We are a Communist Marxist Country now. It already Happened. Trump isn’t coming back. By 2024 it won’t matter who is President because the World Government won’t allow Countries to have Presidents. THEY WILL BE THE PRESIDENTS! DO YOU GET IT?? Most of the Congress is gone. They have no jobs left to do. DC is empty. DO YOU SEE IT NOW???? You thought you could do nothing and now you shall have nothing. CAN YOU SEE IT??????? If you don’t wake up now there will be nothing to wake up to. It is slipping away. You had guns for no reason. You had free speech for no reason. You never dealt with TYRANNY head on and now you will lose everything.

Why is Trump hanging around Timothy Holmseth? What is the connection? Why doesn’t Trump confront the Fake Vaccines Injuries and Deaths? If Trump is a Smart man, how can he NOT SEE that COVID was NEVER ISOLATED, let alone released from China. How can a nonexistent entity be released?????? How Smart must one be to know real from unreal???? I don’t care about speaking Mandarin ( why Mandarin) you can still have dumb genes. Something is wrong in the Trump Gene Pool. Maybe in a Con man’s World speaking out of two sides of your mouth is genus. Timothy Holmseth is involved with peodophiles somehow so why is Trump ALLOWING him to ride on his Coattails? Why??? Why???? WHY????

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S FULL INTERVIEW ON NEWSMAX (9.20.22) Did we really know just how bad the Raid on MaraLargo was? We don’t hear ANYTHING except Trump Bashing. NO REAL NEWS. No Facts. Everything has to have a slant, it can never be Factual and Truthful so that People can see clearly what has happened in a News Story. The NEWS has slid so far SIDEWAYS that it is more like reading or watching Fiction. I think They have Screenwriters that produce the Fake News. And they all get the same news. So what chance do The People have of knowing what is ACTUALLY going on in their world? Censorship should be Punishable by up to 25 years in Prison because Free Speech is the 1st amendment in the Bill Of Rights! That was how important the Founding Fathers found it to be. THE TIME IS NOW to RISE UP and demand our Constitution be Followed!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News click on to see video..