RFK JR explained what was going on with the Children. In the beginning of this whole Fake Vaccine Lie, “THEY” said that children’s chance of catching the fake Covid was just about nonexistent, maybe 1% at that. Then as they realized they did not kill everyone and they would be sued, they fell back on a condition THEY had made. Giving so many BAD Vaccines to Children they made a waiver to not be sued for Child Vaccines. If they injected Kids with this poisonous fake vaccine they could claim immunity from being sued- ACROSS THE BOARD!!!! So they turned around in midstream and said they needed to Vax CHILDREN!!!! NOW we find out that it was all FRAUD so that cancels out their immunity to lawsuits anyway!!!!! SUE the SHIT OUT OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!! WE had Lousy so called ” PRESIDENTS” who thought it OKAY to mass murder children and people!!!!!!! Wake up!!!!!!! Dr Tenpenny was banned from Truth Social!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does THAT tell you. Did Trump think this would go un noticed? Is he Retarded? We know Joey is. This is how LITTLE they think of us. Yeah KILL US, we will vote for you again….DUHHHHHH THE TIMES THEY ARE CHANGING!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

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