Now call me crazy BUT I go back to what came first, The Chicken or the Egg? Before the mere THOUGHT of putting an UNTESTED Dangerous and Killer Fake Vaccine on the market, WOULDN’T you think IDENTIFYING the entity that you were trying to Fake Vaccinate against should be ESSENTIAL in MAKING a Fake Vaccine? WHAT are you Vaccinating Against if you CANNOT pinpoint the Phantom Virus????? You have to have the target of the Vaccine in order to create Immunity for that said Target. THEY HAD NOTHING! To this day CORONAVIRUS 19 is ABSENT from any and all slides!!!!!!!!!! This was FRAUD!!!!!!! From the Beginning to right now. The Covid has to be in The VACCINE and they cannot find the Covid so it was not in the Fake Vaccine. Therefore No immunity was achieved. They talk about Spike Proteins. Well Spike Proteins are BROKEN CELLS that the body rejects through Flu like symptoms. So they took BROKEN CELLS and put them BACK into the Bodies and created the MRNA type shots that would Replicate the BROKEN CELLS making People so sick they could NEVER heal from the FLU!!!! If your body is in a constant state of stress and cannot expell the mutated broken cells, things will happen in your body that shouldn’t happen. Heart attacks, Blood Clotting, Cancer. The body is Overwhelmed with sickness that was injected into it. So what was in the Injections? Other things along with the Spike Proteins that cause Blood Clotting and are hurting the Organs, causing Huge amounts of suffering and Death. Are these people who want to HELP YOU????????? NO they are KILLING YOU!!!!! FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!! They think your stupid. They think you don’t understand the concept of a Vaccine. They think you will accept any BULLSHIT they tell you! THEY WILL HANG!!!!!!!!!! Right now people and Children ARE DYING!!!! RISE UP PEOPLE OF THE WORLD AND DESTROY THESE KILLSHOTS BEFORE ANOTHER DAY GOES BY!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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