HEY POS OBAMA! WHY DO YOU LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF WHITE PRIVILEGE MARTHA’S VINEYARD?????? I thought you HATED people with money who oppressed the poor black people?????? What happened? How come you built a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR FORTRESS in the whitest AND ONE OF THE most exclusive spots in America??? What they wouldn’t let you go to Jekyll Island? That’s where THE REAL ACTION TAKES PLACE. OH poor Obama and tranny Michael, they had to settle for the Cape. :( I saw Tucker last night and I agree with him that Obama finally got his true desire. Diversity. OH Happy Day! May the spirit of giving increase in the People who Vote and Promote Illegal alien invasions into the United States. I guess we can see more government funded Venezuelan Cuisine Restaurants and the fragrance they will bring. The kids will go to school with TRUE in the flesh Immigrant Kids!!!! I think Martha’s Vineyard will need a Walmart and Costco, if they don’t already have one. Tents will be the new look in abodes. DO NOT HURT THEIR FEELINGS! WELCOME THEM!!!! BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

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