Americans are in for a rude awakening. The Biden WH is coming for your cash. They want to implement the Digital Currency AND dole it out to you. They will control your money, that is if you get any. It is tied to your Social Credit Score. Therefore you will lose free speech, the right to have a gun, home, a car etc. If they say no gun for you or we will take all your money that you live on to eat and survive, how will you make it? This is the plan. This is how they GET YOUR GUNS! It’s happening FAST. Some traitors, have already succumbed, Alex Jones and his controlled opposition circle, Trump, many people you wouldn’t suspect but they want to be Sovereign not Commoners so they will do as the NWO wants them to do, that way they can still do many things Commoners cannot do. They will NOT fight for you. They have ALREADY signed up to be on that tier. Them and their families will live different. They are AFRAID of the Top of the Triangle people. They say yes Master we will comply. They bow down to the NWO. They are All Cowards and Liars. You will see this soon. NO Q, No Saviors. Only you could do what needed to be done but you did not. Not everyone will like the ending. Your Freedom will be gone forever.

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