9/11 has much more significance than the passing of Elizabeth. Unfortunatly People would much rather take it in stride that 3,000 souls were brutally murdered on 9/11 2001. NO ONE should EVER gloss over 9/11 because NO ONE WAS PUNISHED! WE now know it was a demolition, not airplanes that struck the tower. Who placed the bombs? The field in Penn. had NO PLANE DEBRIS. The Investigators have confirmed this. NO HOLE in the ground, Nothing. A bomb in the pentagon targeted an area that held Financial documents to be destroyed, kept away from prying eyes. Now we face a Fake Covid pandemic and Fake killer Vaccine. Is it the same people we ask ourselves? Is someone sacrificing people to a dark entity who cannot get out of his chains and must rely on his minions whom he hates. Is Good gaining ground every day at an accelerated rate? Is the need to quickly kill because the spell has been broken and innocent people are waking up to the Evil they have been sleepwalking through? Yes. They are frantic to enslave that which cannot be held hostage. Their Dastardly Demonic Deeds are OUT IN THE OPEN!!!!!!!! WE CAN SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Today we mourn for those lost in 9/11 and then we set out to PUNISH those who did it!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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