There was never any riff between William and Harry. This was all carefully crafted to pretend they are all coming together now, to create Sympathy for a Family that is a Fake family that pretends to serve the people while they rob them blind. They serve them in NO WAY! It is Brainwashing! They pretend they are HIGHER than people, the commoners. They don’t want People seeing the truth. They conjured up their Fake Domain. They have trillions of dollars while the people can’t eat!!!!!!!! They are faking everything! They are pretending they can take your money. If you stop them, you can live. If not, Depopulation is their goal.They HATE YOU! DIANA was KILLED BY THEM, all those on the television right now, even William and Harry don’t care. She was going to OUT THEM!!!!!!!!! Wake Up Everybody!!!!!!!! They Hate You! They Hate YOU!!!!

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