LISTEN!!!!! Now listen to me. If Charlie was really going to be the King and the New World Order wants to be the New Governing body with no more Sovereignty for each Country, then there would be NO KING, NO PRESIDENTS, No anything. ONLY the New World Government! So him being KING IS JUST BULLSHIT! BUT Charlie has ALWAYS PUSHED the CLIMATE CHANGE WHICH IS THEIR EXCUSE RIGHT NOW, AND HE HAS BEEN THE HEAD OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, NOT KLAUS!!!! It is not by chance that Elizabeth died. It is this time that they want to make their big move. Behind the scenes the NEW WORLD ORDER is sneaking in. Cutting Food Growing, all supply chains, Fuel, planning for another Fake Pandemic. The FUNERAL is a FACADE! The Media is with the NWO! DO NOT Rest on your Laurels!!! There is no Q, No Saviors but yourselves. You have to take them on One on One. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED BY FAKE EVENTS!!!!!

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