Harry and Megan just happened to be in Europe when Elizabeth Died. NOOOOO this wasn’t planned at all. Just when the Economic World Form was making their move to take down the Netherlands farms, and cut Europe out of the fuel supply chain! Just when they needed to AMP up the Poverty levels and Depopulation Agenda, A MAJOR DEATH of a FAKE UPPITY PERSON so THE WORLD can FAWN all over these Robberbarons and Freemason Satanists. Look at the Freemason Hall Harry was married in. It will give you the willies!!!! How many Poor Little lives have been demonically Tortured so they can have young blood and get high????????? Look at them parading around!!!!!!!!!! They are DEMONS!!!!!!!! They have no souls. No feelings. It’s all an act. People should be there with Guillotines!!!!!!!!

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