There is so much Anti Semitic BULLSHIT in the so called TRUTH Community that it is really really sad. You know Humankind has problems BUT they are not all of the Jewish persuasion!!!!!! This is DANGEROUS RHETORIC!!! They say there was NO HOLOCAUST!!!!! THERE was a HOLOCAUST and it should NEVER be forgotten!!! Don’t like someone if you just don’t care for them but don’t hate Jewish people because others are telling you not to like them. It is called BRAINWASHING!!!!!!!! Nobody lied about the Crimes against Humanity against the Jewish people! Use discretion because right now there are wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to create HATE and dump it on a group of people!!!!!!! If they come after ONE group, they can come after others. Have these people ever met a Jewish person? They are the Kindest and Smartest people! Always think for yourself. The Time Is Now News

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