I’m so confused!!!!!!!! Why was Alex Jones allowed to go to the Jan.6 Fiasco and incite the Fake Maga crowd and LIZZY BORDEN CHENEY didn’t give a shit?????? So only Trump could get in trouble because Alex was reserved for the Sandy Hook Fake Shooting False Flag Show Trial? HUH??? Now Alex wants Trump to decry the Fake Vaccines on some kind of ritual masonic day of fake Voodoo Sept. 23. Can they get over themselves? WE DON’T WANT THESE SOCIOPATHS OUT IN PUBLIC ANYMORE! BRING BACK THE MENTAL INSTITUTIONS!!!!!! The Stage has never been lit up so bright. It has never been CLEARER who is Real and Who are Fakers. They are followed by TROLLS. AI. Nobody buys their shit. Watson and his attempts at humour………….not so good. Dr ” ONE EYE” Ruby with her creatures in the Fake Vaccine Rants. There are so many. We kinda can see all these inbred offsprings of Alex Jones. He seems to be CNN 2 of the mainstream media. As soon as he got Fake Banned, he got BIGGER!!!!!! OH MY GOSH. Maybe it was the SUPPLEMENTS and 100 year old Food Packets of macaroni and cheese that gave him these incredible powers to fall to the gutter yet fly higher at the same time. Must be the Freemason Checked Sport Coats he and Owen wear. SCARWEE!!!!!!!!!! This is pretty damn funny but someday they will see that their money is useless. Money never stopped anything. SMH, I don’t want to be in any of their shoes. The Time Is Now News

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