Month: August 2022

PRAY. The dark world is trying to gain a foothold on the earth. They have been practicing rituals and recruiting people for a very long time. Now they are anxious to take over. BUT something is stopping them. They have never been able to exert Open Control over the people. They are not POWERFUL ENOUGH. This is why they have to resort to 5G and poison Fake Vaccines. If they were all POWERFUL they could just do what they want to do. But they can’t. ONLY GOD holds that Power. GOD only needs Faith and Prayer. Anyone who sides with the Devil has been lied to. They have been sold a Bill of Goods. Our time here is short. But eternity lies past the Gates of Heaven. They try to hurt God’s creations with Fake Vaccines. They try to build a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN BUT IT WON’T TAKE THEM THERE. They have been DECEIVED. There is but ONE WAY TO get near GOD and into Heaven. And Lucifer knows it. But he will take everyone he can get to the pits of hell. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY.

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