America now has a Fake President who is Desperately trying to cause a CIVIL WAR. Disregarding all the proof of JAN. 6, that it was a SET UP to demonize Americans who only went to DC to use their Constitutional Powers to Show their DISCONTENT with the Government. Now he is LYING and pretending all the evidence showing that it was a SET UP by the Capitol did not already come to light! FOR SHAME on the Pedophile Joe Biden!!!!!!!!! He looks like a SILICON MASK!!!! Is the Real Joe Biden DEAD????? Hiding somewhere because of his Criminal behavior? And they have this RUBBER HEAD walking around like a fucking ZOMBIE!!!!! Nobody is going to start a Civil War because of you RUBBER HEAD BIDEN!!!!!!!!! Go sit down somewhere and eat some fucking Ice Cream! Go to Nancy’s house, she has a FREEZER FULL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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