AMERICA has NEVER had a Political Divide like we do now with the MAGA Movement. It looks like this movement was conjured up by The Powers That Be to be used for multiple purposes!!!! They are One more Divisional , Diversional ” Fake Movement” to keep Americans BUSY! They have been used for the JAN.6 Fake STAGED Fiasco. They are used to keep the White House BUSY saying they must do this and do that because of the MAGA PEOPLE! We have the SLOGAN MAGA! We have the hats! Patriotism that sits on their ass and waves flags. Maga wants Trump. For what we don’t know. Hillary is on the loose. The wall is shit and Human Trafficking is alive and well. Of course he IS the Father of the Killer Fake Vaccines!!! He tell us that is a GOOD THING! No one cares if he gets arrested. No One Fucking cares! People have their hands full getting food and serpentining the Fucking Fake Vaccine and all the baby Fake Vaccines that seem to be replicating themselves! So it is all an Illusion. Maga Vs. Liberals. Constant in the Fake News. Load on some more Fucking Shit for The People to wade through. Meanwhile Food is getting scarce. Fake Vaccines are Murdering people, But by all means lets talk about MAGA!!!! MAGA! MAGA! Hate the Maga people, Hate the Liberal Left. LOVE the people who lead them!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICANS!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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