The Psychopaths yelled FIRE in a Theatre and the Whole World Panicked. THERE WAS NO FIRE!!!! They said lockdown and no work. They said no Holidays with anyone. Isolate. They said take this fake poison Vaccine or never work again or go out in public. They said no seeing your loved ones die in the hospital, they will die ALONE! Boris partied. They all Partied. They said wear a mask. They didn’t wear masks. They said do all this and more for the Greater Good. Then they said keep doing it. Get a Fake Booster even though there was No pandemic. They said you couldn’t spread the Ghostly Covid but get a Poison Shot anyway. AND what did THE PEOPLE get for OBEYING their Fucking Governments? INFLATION! NO Affordable gas or food. Hospitals that kill people. Children sick from poison, anxiety from isolation and mask wearing. Uncontrollable CRIME. Threats daily from their Governments. Fake vaccinated people from Birth to 100yrs old DYING. Injuries we have never witnessed before. DID ANYONE SAY THEY WERE SORRY???? NO they just Continue to twist the knife that they so Cruelly stabbed THE PEOPLE WITH. Unspeakable grief is happening. Children with heart disease dying. This is what THE PEOPLE GOT!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! TAKE BACK YOUR FARMS!!!!!!! KILL THOSE WHOM ARE KILLING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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