THE PERFECT STORM! As you can see, Tucker is beginning the narrative about the Fake Vaccine injuring and killing people. As MSM globs onto this story, more and more people will realize the Government is killing them. Food and Fuel is getting scarce with talk of cars going by the wayside. At the SAME TIME the Gun laws, red flag laws, are going into effect. The Government hopes to disarm the People who will go after them when they all know the TRUTH. Meanwhile the Mother of all Social Sites, TRUTH SOCIAL by TRUMP is up and running, doing the OPPOSITE OF TRUTH. They want People to be unable to distinguish Truth FROM NonTruth. It is a spell put on the word TRUTH. When Nobody can no longer see what is Fake and what is Real, they, the psychopaths, can stop them from focusing on what they, THE PEOPLE, need to do. And we all know what that is. Up is Down, Down is Up. White is Black, Black is White. The Duality in everything causes doubt and confusion. Like the Chaotic feelings of Transitioning into the other sex. Notice their are TWO SEXES. There are TWO sides to every story. 1+1=2. Heaven and Earth. Angels and Fallen Angels. Happy and Sad. Fiction and Non Fiction. Black vs White. Fake Vaccinated vs non Fake Vaccinated. Vegetarian vs Meat eaters. Climate Change believers vs non climate change believers. Democrats vs Republicans. The Checkerboard in Freemasonary represents the WAY to Divide and Conquer. The Dark vs the Light. Asleep vs Awakening. The more they polarize everything, the more they tear apart THE PEOPLE so they cannot UNITE and CONQUER! We are entering the Storm alright. THE PERFECT STORM. AWARENESS is the answer. Uniting is the answer. Focusing is the answer. THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!

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