I believe what we are seeing is a great deal of confusion on the part of the New World Order. In order to Protect their Precious Killer Fake Vaccine they must misidentify the People behind it. BUT people already have a good idea who these Killers are. They are leaning towards Trump as the ringleader, but this could cause a glitch in the MAGA VS NON MAGA fantasy. They heavily rely on this division in America. And so who do they SACRIFICE? GATES? FAUCI? Or will any single person do when so may have blood on their hands?They have pissed off the Military so putting the Gestopo in the streets is off the table. They FAILED in their mission to depopulate the majority of the world. People who were Fake Vaccinated are learning techniques to not die. OH NOOOOO!!!! Americans have bought so many fucking guns they are the Worlds LARGEST STANDING ARMY!!!! Veterans know the ropes and can operate weapons and implement strategies. Those whom are and WERE on bases can EASILY use them to HELP their families AND THE PEOPLE!!!! Sometimes the tactics someone uses BACKFIRE in their faces. There is more than one way to skin a cat. GOD WINS!!!!!!!!!! When THE PEOPLE go in droves and TAKEOVER the MEDIA STUDIOS ALL OVER THE WORLD, WE WILL SEE THE NWO CRY!!!! Look for THIS TO COME NEXT!

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