No matter what SPIN is put on the FBI telling Facebook to not use the Hunter Biden laptop story, the FBI has committed a CRIME against the American People. The FBI has NO Business deciding what information an American can hear. We do not Pay the FBI to censor our 1st amendment. If we want to spread a story about BEDBUGS attacking the Brians of the FBI, WE CAN DO THAT! They are paid to investigate CRIMES and ILLEGAL things like CHILD TRAFFICKING NOT being Gatekeepers for the SATANISTS!!!! And speaking of investigations. ISN’T being a TRAITOR, having money dealings with foreign Countries something the FBI should be working on 24/7?????? The Laptop from hell should be INVESTIGATED!!!! Is this a fucking JOKE????? Do not dare gaslight us FBI, we are ready to say adios to you! When an Agency of the US becomes such a PROBLEM for Americans the sane thing to do is get rid of the said Agency! I believe that action is ready to be taken. The Time Is Now News

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