IS TRUMP AFRAID TO SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FAKE VACCINES? HOW CAN HIS SOCIAL SITE BE CALLED TRUTH SOCIAL???? Who is ON TRUTH SOCIAL?? Are they ENEMIES of Americans???? Are they the real HARD CORE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. X22 REPORT, TIMOTHY HOLMSETH and OTHERS!!!!!!! What do they cook up over there to tell Americans? Our ENEMIES hide in Plain Site. Why wasn’t Hillary locked up? Why has George Webb suddenly popped up and working the maralago raid? Are we not to know THE TRUTH????? Why is someone named JFK JR on Telegram pretending he is JFK JR??? Marilyn Monroe is alive??? How old would she be? President JFK is alive???? This is what they think of Americans! STUPID AND GULLIBLE! I guess once you wore the red hats and Q was writing stuff that is all it took. They have to tell you what they are doing, Lucifer demands it, so Q told everything. And now you know it all. But will you do anything???????? Because God is waiting for the Good People to be Warriors! What will Americans do?

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