I have tried to present many different sides to the stories that are relevant today. But in Life there is but one conclusion that can be reached about an issue. The different aspects that reach that conclusion are what is disputed. We Know the Fake Vaccines are maiming and Killing people and children. That is a Conclusion. But who did it? THE MEDIA who covered it all up? Everyone on the Global Leaders for the NWO under KLAUS? All of US CONGRESS? Trump, Biden, Gates, Fauci and friends, all the Leaders of the Countries. The Health Departments, The FDA, The Who, all of the United Nations. The Governors, the Mayors, the State Legislators, the Doctors and Pharmacists? The Covid was Fake BUT THE PANIC WAS REAL. YOU CAN CRY OUT FIRE IN A MOVIE THEATRE AND PEOPLE WILL RUN TO THE EXIT EVEN IF THERE IS NO FIRE! No Virus was ever detected. It was a Hoax and a very deadly one. They must breath our air so they would NEVER put a weapon in it. So what do the people do? They must do something. The World people have been had. We are dealing with a DEATH CULT. What will the People do? What will they do?

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