Real Humans have a Tendency to feel empathy and root for the underdog. This is something the psychopaths do not understand because they have no feelings. These criminals have MISTAKENLY HURT parts of our society that were not able to stand up against them. In the end, this will be their downfall. We think people like this who hurt the vulnerable play dirty. They are Cowards who pick on the ones who will not fight back. They are BULLIES, MEDICAL GREEDY BULLIES!!! The World People will GET THESE CRIMINAL BULLIES AND MAKE SURE THEY NEVER HURT ANYONE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE PEOPLE ARE NOT AFRAID! Everyone I mentioned who played a big part in the Covid hoax are AFRAID! Trump is afraid, Biden is afraid, the Media is Afraid, Klaus is afraid, Governors and Doctors are afraid. They Failed. They had to KILL A LOT more people and it did not happen. NOW EVERYBODY IS waking up to the mass killing they have done. Each day more people are viewing them as The Enemy. Their Wealth will not save them. The People Are Coming! As sure as the sun will be out tomorrow, The People will come for them all.

I have tried to present many different sides to the stories that are relevant today. But in Life there is but one conclusion that can be reached about an issue. The different aspects that reach that conclusion are what is disputed. We Know the Fake Vaccines are maiming and Killing people and children. That is a Conclusion. But who did it? THE MEDIA who covered it all up? Everyone on the Global Leaders for the NWO under KLAUS? All of US CONGRESS? Trump, Biden, Gates, Fauci and friends, all the Leaders of the Countries. The Health Departments, The FDA, The Who, all of the United Nations. The Governors, the Mayors, the State Legislators, the Doctors and Pharmacists? The Covid was Fake BUT THE PANIC WAS REAL. YOU CAN CRY OUT FIRE IN A MOVIE THEATRE AND PEOPLE WILL RUN TO THE EXIT EVEN IF THERE IS NO FIRE! No Virus was ever detected. It was a Hoax and a very deadly one. They must breath our air so they would NEVER put a weapon in it. So what do the people do? They must do something. The World people have been had. We are dealing with a DEATH CULT. What will the People do? What will they do?

IS TRUMP AFRAID TO SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FAKE VACCINES? HOW CAN HIS SOCIAL SITE BE CALLED TRUTH SOCIAL???? Who is ON TRUTH SOCIAL?? Are they ENEMIES of Americans???? Are they the real HARD CORE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. X22 REPORT, TIMOTHY HOLMSETH and OTHERS!!!!!!! What do they cook up over there to tell Americans? Our ENEMIES hide in Plain Site. Why wasn’t Hillary locked up? Why has George Webb suddenly popped up and working the maralago raid? Are we not to know THE TRUTH????? Why is someone named JFK JR on Telegram pretending he is JFK JR??? Marilyn Monroe is alive??? How old would she be? President JFK is alive???? This is what they think of Americans! STUPID AND GULLIBLE! I guess once you wore the red hats and Q was writing stuff that is all it took. They have to tell you what they are doing, Lucifer demands it, so Q told everything. And now you know it all. But will you do anything???????? Because God is waiting for the Good People to be Warriors! What will Americans do?

I think the magic markers need to be confiscated from the Judges and FBI. They have taken this REDACTING to a whole new level. Do the American people seem this STUPID???? You so called members of the Court and Criminal system have become the Very Criminals you were tasked with arresting. So what do Americans do with an Agency that has fallen so far down into the gutter? We CANNOT TRUST you people to do your jobs and protect and defend the American Constitution! We want you to be disbanded. That’s what we want.

No matter what SPIN is put on the FBI telling Facebook to not use the Hunter Biden laptop story, the FBI has committed a CRIME against the American People. The FBI has NO Business deciding what information an American can hear. We do not Pay the FBI to censor our 1st amendment. If we want to spread a story about BEDBUGS attacking the Brians of the FBI, WE CAN DO THAT! They are paid to investigate CRIMES and ILLEGAL things like CHILD TRAFFICKING NOT being Gatekeepers for the SATANISTS!!!! And speaking of investigations. ISN’T being a TRAITOR, having money dealings with foreign Countries something the FBI should be working on 24/7?????? The Laptop from hell should be INVESTIGATED!!!! Is this a fucking JOKE????? Do not dare gaslight us FBI, we are ready to say adios to you! When an Agency of the US becomes such a PROBLEM for Americans the sane thing to do is get rid of the said Agency! I believe that action is ready to be taken. The Time Is Now News