The Fake COVID killed many birds with one stone. One thing it did was get people to accept mail in ballots so they didn’t get the IMAGINARY VIRUS. Fewer People went to the polls. They turned away the WATCHERS!!! Then they started killing people with the Fake poison vaccines so they would be PREOCCUPIED when the BLATANT FAKE ELECTION suddenly had a change of outcome in the morning!!! Americans FAILED to DEFEND their right to a fair election. They were listening to a Government that was getting prepared to give them and their children lethal injections. They CHEAT Americans out of their VOTES. They steal their wages. They THREATEN THEM WITH VIOLENCE 87,000 IRS incompetent agents with weapons!!!!They give them poison. They locked them down. Now they are starving People!!! Draining the bodies of Water so they have none. Cutting off supply chains, car parts, cars, food, clothes, baby formula etc. And they intend to make it worse. The NEWS won’t report on the Fake Vaccine Deaths or anything!!!! THE MEDIA need to have their Lying Tongues cut out!!!!! Klaus needs to have his EYES gouged out!!!!!!! CHILDREN ARE DYING!!!!!! This has ALWAYS been the only way to stop these evil murderers!!!! How long Americans before you do what needs to be done???? How much longer???? Get your fucking courage on!!!!!!!!

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