Day: August 22, 2022

Isn’t it assuring to know that when your Government decides to commit Genocide on you that your Media is silent, as if your lives don’t matter. How comforting to know that your Government, your News people and your Doctors will all band together so YOU are in the Dark as you are being slaughtered. They all look healthy to me. And yet children are dying. And yet NO CONGRESSPERSON, NO AMERICAN NEWS PERSON has had any CONSEQUENCES from the Fake Vaccine! HUHHHHHH. DID they know? Are their families and friends UNDAMAGED TOO? Were they privy to how bad they were when they were told to not report on any damages or death. Why are they undamaged? Why???? WHY??????? Only THE PEOPLE can be hurt, not them? WHY??? WHY????????????? WHY??????? Should we be sending thoughts to them on a regular basis consisting of BLACK GOBS OF DESTRUCTION TO TEAR INTO THEM AND MANGLE THEIR INSIDES AND OUTSIDES! It takes a Village. Soon Americans will go to the places. Soon. Soon.

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