Could the JUDGEMENT OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Alex Jones show trial be the real reason for having a public show trial in the first place? Is he moving trafficking money around? Children? Who would suspect, right? He’s doing it right out in the open UNDER THE GUISE OF HIS SENTENCE!!!! He can say it was Judgement money being given to people of a certain persuasion. Only now everybody knows. A 2nd look at the Johnny Depp trial will most certainly bring communication codes as to the true reason for THAT public trial. ABUSE, POOP could mean Children. They are desperate to not be caught at this point BUT they ALREADY ARE!!!!!!!! RETRIBUTION is right around the corner. When the World realizes the Scope of the torment they have caused CHILDREN, they will be torn limb from limb. And those REALIZATIONS are NOW COMING TO FRUITION!!!! THERE WILL BE NO PLACE TO RUN, NO PLACE TO HIDE!!!!!!!!

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