Why does Jon Voight, father of witch Angelina Jolie, why does he refer to The Tree of Life and the Statue of Liberty. We know these are evil symbols. Why does he align with Trump? Who is Trump? Is he good or is he bad? Is he GOOD AND BAD!!! Is he being tugged? Do we all have capabilities to be Bad and Good? Which one will win? Good is so powerful that Bad HAS to be REALLY BAD to overcome it. Many things in the Bible are true BUT you don’t think Bad men wouldn’t tamper with it during the years? They may have written of end times and then proceeded to do them, to cause FEAR and DOUBT. Be careful. Look for real signs of God. They cannot be found in Disasters, Pestilence and Famines. If the People will them to happen it will be their own faults. FIGHT for all things Good!!!! Don’t believe in Hocus Pocus raptures. God is straight forward. Be a WARRIOR!!!!! Defend Yourselves!!!!

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