This could be BIG! I heard that the IRS was going to buy the FBI AND FEDERAL RESERVE in order to raise the taxes on their SWATTING ACTIVITIES!!!! This could induce a FAMINE and cause the Farmers to ruin their crops!!!!! A Recession would likely ensue pissing off the Biden Administration as they had already said that TIMES WERE GREAT, Bread was suppose to cost 43 dollars a loaf! Monkeypox is coming from Greenland by boat. They have BARRELS of Monkeypox on board. The 87,000.00 heavily armed IRS Agents carried them to land. Monkeys were attacking them while they carried out this Mission. They had to TAX themselves extra for the overtime and fighting off the Monkeys🐒. Melania’s clothes will have to be fumigated after the FBI touched them. The FBI will have to be QUARANTINED after being fumigated with unknown substances. More on these and other stories coming soon…… The Time Is Now News

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