Having tried to make sense of the Trump raid, the bottom line is Everyone already KNOWS the horror of the Pizzagate and the CRIMES done by DC and the FAKE ELITE! So DISCOVERY is a little too late in this GRIM GAME of cat and mouse. I do believe that THE PEOPLE will take JUSTICE into their own hands, as well they should if they want a future. THERE IS NO TIME LEFT TO WAIT AND WATCH A SHOW BY THE DC PUPPETS. THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT MAIM AND KILL AND NOW STARVE THE PEOPLE TO DEATH. Emails don’t matter. Classified Documents don’t matter. The Left, Right Paradigm Does Not matter. Something is stirring. I can feel it coming, can you???? Sometimes Good Men have to do BAD THINGS to save those they love. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER PSYCHOPATHS!!!!!!!! PUT A FORK IN THEM, THEY ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!

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