Okay, here’s a quick Synopsis of Trump and First wife Ivana. While married, he got his Showgirl On the side pregnant. Left his wife. Her last two years on earth were ALONE, SICK, Hobbling around from the FAKE Vaccines that HE PUSHED. She Boosted just like he wants people to do. She Died, alone , on the Floor. He buried her on his GOLF COURSE!!!! Who would want to be on a Fucking Golf course, that is so Obnoxious!!!! His kids do whatever he tells them so they don’t give a shit!!!!!!! Rest In Peace Ivana as the Golf balls fly past you and the golf carts run you over. I am sure YOU LOVED DON’S GOLFING HABIT( cough, cough). I guess it was a cheap place to put you because he already pays for it. The Art Of The Deal.

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