WE THE PEOPLE ARE ON TO THEIR TRICKS! Time and time again The People discard the facts of what the power hungry have done to hurt them. We forget and then go to THE POLLS to Falsely ” elect” ANOTHER ABUSER!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!!! They used this sorry old Playbook on THE PEOPLE ONCE TOO OFTEN!!!!!!!! It seemed to work for years. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!! They are NO BETTER than US! In Fact they are MUCH MUCH worse than us. THEY ARE NOT SMART! THEY ARE JUST BAD! NOW THEY MAKE NO BONES ABOUT KILLING US WITH LETHAL INJECTIONS! Right out in the open. SO what do we DO? WE STOP THEM!!!! Everyone knows what it take to STOP A BAD GUY!!!! Everybody knows! Everybody knows!

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