Nobody gives a FLYING FUCK over the fake FBI going into Trump’s Gaudy show of opulence the infamous Mara Lago to do whatever the Fuck they are PRETENDING TO DO!!! Get it through your THICK HEADS, WE don’t give a Fuck about Republicans Or Democrats!!!!!! Politics is SO 1970!!!!! We are much more sophisticated than wasting our time with Fossil ideas and it is time to realize that we are extremely informed. The Future holds HIGHER INSPIRATION for we know how the psychopath minds can destroy anything good in its way to do bad. Therefore THE TIME IS NOW to put aside all stupid thoughts of stupid people who stole money but could not raise their IQ’s, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY STOLE. THEY ARE BATTY!!!! MAY COOLER HEADS PREVAIL!!! WE are the Smarter and Wiser in this World. They just did not want you to know. There is an answer and everybody knows what it is.

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