DID WE THE PEOPLE ONCE SAY TO THE PSYCHOPATHS THAT WE WANTED TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO AND TAXED TO DEATH???? DID WE???? NO, WE DID NOT!!! There is no signed contract that we signed, with full knowledge given about said contract. That never Happened. ON the Other hand, did these same Psycopaths take oaths and sign contracts that, for example the Bankers, to use illegal Usury laws????? Did the Fake Politicians take oaths and then turned around AND BROKE THEM???? So what can we conclude? We can deduct that WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE RIGHTFUL OVERLORDS AND THE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS ARE NOT! THEY CANNOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM TELL BILLIONS OF OVERLORDS WHAT TO DO!!!! THE PEOPLE HAVE THEM BY THE BALLS!!! AND THEY KNOW IT!!!!!!!

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