Day: August 10, 2022

THERE IS NO Q!!!! THERE IS NO TRUMP 2024 to fake save the fucking world. The Government has turned on THE PEOPLE and are KILLING THEM!!! They are ACCELERATING their mass MURDERING. I don’t know where the Military stands. They have families. Their oath is to the PEOPLE!!!! I pray they are with us and I feel they are. The Pentagon with that Eyebrow sticking up Michael Luciferian or whatever Sucks!!!! But the Military loves the Free American life. And they haven’t always been treated nice! Mom and apple pie, fireworks, GOD. Decent Good people. AT heart they hate the tranny abuse. They work hard and do not get rewarded as VETERANS!!!WE THE PEOPLE CAN FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! No one can tell us we can’t fight!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!

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