What is more important? Human lives being cut short by the United Nations and the Governments of the World OR FBI goes into Trump’s Florida MANSION???? It’s a NO BRAINER! We don’t need a Civil War. We need highly proficient skilled Men to methodically do what needs to be done. Those whom have been on the perimeter of death by lethal Injection otherwise known as the FAKE COVID VACCINE will also go after those whom have KILLED their children and other’s. THERE IS NO GETTING OUT OF THIS FOR THE DOCTORS, NURSES, PHARMACISTS, CLINICIANS, AND THE FAKE UNITED NATION NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION THAT ILLEGALLY TOOK OVER THE CONSTITUTIONS OF THE PEOPLE!!! NOR will the Fake Politicians who took money and handed over THE PEOPLE to be killed get away with murder. The Pharmacies, Hospitals and Labs will take a beating. The War will not be Televised. No crowds in the streets. No rioting or protesting. No appealing to Fake Politicians. The War has gone silent. You can hear a pin drop. No pushback. No more chatter online. Internet groups disbanded. Cell Phones abandoned. Comment sections left empty. Too bad Facebook , You Tube, Twitter, Bitchute censored and got rid of so many people. How will they ever know anything going on anymore? Who is watching who? Truth Social is a trap, Telegram is a trap. You don’t think they would abandon their surveillance do you? We know who is who. The controlled opposition will be shut down. They are the enemy too. Misinformation can be a friend.

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