WE THE PEOPLE WILL BRING AMERICA BACK FROM THIS PLACE OF DESPAIR AND FEAR!!!!! And when we do, NO ONE who is in DC or any official position will be allowed anywhere Near our Constitutional Houses!!!!! They are all REALLY Screwed Up. They listen to the UNITED NATIONS who has no Fucking Authority over THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED? WHAT’S IN THE WATER THEY DRINK? TOO much money to spend on drugs???? Some of those people are near 90!!!! DO THEY NOT CARE THAT THE PEOPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING ARE INSTEAD BEING KILLED BY THEIR OWN HANDS??? OF COURSE THEY DON’T CARE. They are Demonic KILLERS!!!!!!!! WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!! GOD WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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