Trump dropped a DARK video saying America is in decline. NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! DID HE JUST FIGURE THAT OUT??? If he acknowledges it does that mean everyone is all happy now???? We thought he might be authentic. But he never commits himself to anything. He is VAGUE. He never did anything but he SAID HE DID. Without his 4 years the Fake Covid would have been nothing but the stupid Bird Flu. Giving the crooked Governors fake power to do Lockdowns and Mandates was like giving the keys of the Kingdom over to Satan himself. Pushing the Fake Vaccines. Letting evil Fuck Face Fauci and scarf lady get on the television EVERY DAY and feed people bullshit!!! LITTLE babies getting the poison shot! The best is yet to come WITHOUT HIM!!!!!! GO AWAY TRUMP! All the best people are done with the POLITICS!!!! IT’S ALL FOR NOT!!! Don’t waste your breath. Lethal Injection and Starvation are not the hallmarks of a Leader unless they become a Hitler!!!!!!!!!! The hand signs are beyond despicable. The whining about the ” witch hunt” is not very becoming. Cry me a fucking RIVER!!!!! Go back to your Hideous Abodes with the Medieval Themes. It’s 2022! If that is what you got for selling your soul I would ask for it back. NO THANK YOU!!!!

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