You see, all the ” sovereign gatekeepers” took money from the tippy top controllers. They were used to take the fall when we came to this point in the War. The people now have concrete evidence that all these mainstream media , politicians, controlled opposition wanted their piece of the pie when the shit hit the fan. Instead, they will be torn limb from limb for killing The People with poison just to make money and be with the good credit digital Sovereign people. BUT, BUT, BUT They will all die and that is what the Tippy top knew. There will be no Digital Sovereign gatekeepers when all is finished. There will only be the Tippy top. Only now THE PEOPLE know. None of these psychopath killers can trust one another. They will all go down with the rat infested ship. THE PEOPLE WILL bring VENGEANCE for their fellow human beings! It is beginning. There will be no DC people left, no media, no elections, no bankers, no CEOS. BILLIONS OF ANGRY PEOPLE are coming for them!!!!

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