There is NO STARLINK!!! Elon Musk is a Lucuferian who is a frontman for supposedly doing all these achievements, that are bogus. We have RADIOWAVES that give off bands of frequencies that make communications possible. Elon Musk goes to the MET GALA where they do satanic RITUALS every year. The Telsa car is an accident waiting to happen. It is a NIGHTMARE CAR!!!! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!! It is used to MURDER PEOPLE!!!! They think they are so fucking clever!!!! Elon Musk is a FRAUD!!!! He is no more Autistic than anyone else but he can ACT! There is no SPECTRUM. There are Fake Vaccines that poison children and give them disabilities!!!!!!!!!! Forrest Gump didn’t even sound like Elon Musk on his WORST DAY!!!!!! Everything is FAKE, A FRAUD!!! WE are where we were 100 yrs ago. Technology is a bit more ” advanced” than a Ham Radio. They DAZZLE YOU with BULLSHIT!!!!! Are there Nukes, can they really split the atom???? NOOOOOOOO. Could this instill FEAR and stop the development of people???? Yes it could!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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