WARNING!!!!!!America’s tyrannical Government doesn’t care about Fake Vaccines maiming and killing Americans. They don’t care about gas prices or Food shortages. They don’t care about the Recession. They only care about the Guns. They cannot afford to lose Congress in November UNLESS they already passed Gun laws. Then they can ILLEGALLY cheat their way back in OR Change the election laws to put them in regardless if they lost. That is why Nancy pushed the gun law through Congress right before the Recess.They will push it through the Senate. It is coming. Prepare Americans. They are going to take your Second Amendment away from you. They are calling up the military as we speak.They made Gun Owners Terrorists because of Jan. 6. That is why there WAS a Jan. 6 . They have set the stage. They may come back from their recess to take the vote before Aug. is done. Nancy went to Taiwan to give the Ukraine money to China. They will use Chinese troops to disarm Americans. They planned it all. They have to act Fast before they get voted out. They lost 4 years with Trump. BE READY!!!!

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