WHO is going to ARREST Nancy Pelosi????? Will it be the United States or another Country where she has provided the means to traffic people and children? If the children at the Mexican Border of the US are not being vaccinated, it is because they want PURE BLOOD for their Satanic Rituals!!! BILLIONS OF INNOCENT WORLD PEOPLE need to ARREST the Criminal Psychopaths, NOW!!!!!!!!!! DC is full of SATANIC PEDOPHILES who USE the American people AND THE WORLD PEOPLE to practice their DEVIANT BEHAVIOR!!!! THEY ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY are the ENEMY!!!!!!! Anyone who stands in the shoes of power are COMPROMISED!!!!!! They put on a show BUT THEY ARE EVIL TO THE CORE! THE WORLD PEOPLE DO NOT NEED THEM TO LIVE, BUT THEY NEED THE PEOPLE TO FEED OFF FROM!!!!!!!!! RISE UP AND GET THEM!!!!!

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